Chihuahua road warrior on the road…photo

treasure operationDay two of being on the road for the big “treasure” hunt. That’s the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. I had the (mis)fortune of hearing about it in July 2012…and have been studying the book and clues ever since. I like to figure things out…and am pretty competitive…I guess my bro in law knew that, and that’s why he told hubby about it. Anyway…It’s been fascinating. I can’t tell you where we are headed but it’s getting colder ‘fer sure…North to the mountains…Forrest says the treasure is at least 5,000 feet. We’ve stopped for the night and have passed signs that say 7,000 feet. We’ve passed huge snowcapped mountains and tomorrow it’s going to be colder. I have a site in mind and it may or may not be snowy there. Preferably the best time to “treasure” hunt would be spring or summer, but this was a good week schedule wise for us to go…If karma is on our side maybe the bronze will be peeking out somewhere 🙂 The treasure would be great, absolutely…but it’s really about the adventure, possibilities, and things you see along the way! 🙂


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